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Kimberly Dasher Tripp
Kimberly Dasher Tripp
Senior Advisor
Warren Ang
Warren Ang
CEO - Voyage

Featured initiatives

  • Active  /  Africa  /  Migration

    An impact investing and blended finance collaborative committed to creating long-term solutions to global forced migration.

    More on Refugee Investment Network
    Refugee Investment Network
  • Exited  /  Americas  /  Impact Financing

    A first-of-its-kind global network for blended finance that generates blended finance data, intelligence, and deal flow to increase private sector investment in developing countries.

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  • Active  /  South Asia  /  Health

    L2V is a coalition of partners building human-centered health systems in low- and middle-income countries.

    More on Leapfrog to Value (L2V)
    Leapfrog to Value (L2V)
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Health

    A multi-stakeholder initiative addressing the rising tide of mental health issues among young people.

    More on citiesRISE
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Climate & Ecosystems

    A non-profit that serves as a platform between tropical forest countries and the private sector for large-scale transactions of high-integrity carbon credits at the jurisdictional level.

    More on Emergent
  • Active  /  Africa  /  Agriculture

    An advisory group committed to transforming rural economies by delivering partnerships and investment structures that promote financial inclusion for rural enterprises and smallholder farmers.

    More on ISF Advisors
    ISF Advisors
  • Active  /  Americas  /  Impact Financing

    A philanthropic initiative focused on identifying great people and ideas from any sector or geography that have the potential to achieve outsized impact.

    More on Unorthodox Philanthropy
    Unorthodox Philanthropy
  • Active  /  Global  /  Migration

    Malengo addresses global inequality by creating opportunities for secondary school graduates from low-income countries to access higher education (and subsequent employment) in Europe.

    More on Malengo
  • Active  /  Global  /  Migration

    The Migration Opportunity is an in-house GDI initiative that seeks to restructure global migrant and refugee efforts for better policy and development outcomes.

    More on The Migration Opportunity
    The Migration Opportunity
  • Active  /  Global  /  Inclusive Societies

    The Shared Services Platform aims to create in-country business hubs, starting in East Africa, to provide shared services to locally-led NGOs.

    More on Shared Services Platform
    Shared Services Platform
  • Active  /  Global  /  Impact Financing

    Project Wayfind is creating a navigation infrastructure that will help activate ultra-high net worth philanthropists to generate high-impact philanthropic giving.

    More on Project Wayfind
    Project Wayfind
  • Active  /  Africa  /  Education

    Nurture First is a global systems-strengthening funder collaborative designed to scale effective home-based childcare programmes worldwide.

    More on Nurture First
    Nurture First
  • Active  /  GDI Solutions  /  Health

    An Africa-based non-profit that helps governments integrate life-saving digital health interventions into their health systems.

    More on HealthEnabled
  • Active  /  Global  /  Climate & Ecosystems

    Colibri is a blended finance facility focused on catalyzing nature-based climate solutions and aiming to demonstrate how they can drive financial returns.

    More on Colibri Catalyst
    Colibri Catalyst
  • Active  /  GDI Solutions  /  Impact Financing

    A donor collaborative focused on investing in ideas and organizations that expand human agency.

    More on Agency Fund
    Agency Fund
  • Active  /  Americas  /  Inclusive Societies

    The Cooperation Game to Combat Polarization is exploring approaches that would increase cooperation across divided groups and build a bridge for civic engagement.

    More on The Cooperation Game
    The Cooperation Game
  • Exited  /  Africa  /  Impact Financing

    The Cities Investment Advisory Platform (CIAP) is an innovative financing initiative focused on increasing the pace and quality of sustainable urban development in cities.

    More on Cities Investment Advisory Platform
    Cities Investment Advisory Platform
  • Active  /  Global  /  Inclusive Societies

    Usha Lesizalo seeks to demonstrate how to embed quality and compassion into maternal and neonatal care through a portfolio of locally-owned projects.

    More on Usha Lesizalo
    Usha Lesizalo
  • Active  /  Global  /  Inclusive Societies

    A technology-focused fund that merges impact investing with venture-building expertise, deploying patient capital to revolutionize assistive technology access in low and middle-income countries.

    More on Disability Impact Fund
    Disability Impact Fund
  • Exited  /  Africa  /  Jobs & Livelihoods

    Bridges to Prosperity envisions a world where poverty caused by rural isolation no longer exists, and works towards this vision by building bridges to connect rural populations to essential services.

    More on Bridges to Prosperity
    Bridges to Prosperity
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Impact Financing

    Women of the World Endowment invests in sustainable communities and economies by centralizing women in solving our biggest challenges.

    More on Women of the World Endowment (WoWE)
    Women of the World Endowment (WoWE)
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Health

    A network designed to facilitate the sharing of global expertise to build capacity in local African healthcare companies.

    More on Business for Health Solutions
    Business for Health Solutions
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Migration

    The Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative (RSRI) is a multi-stakeholder effort that promotes opportunities for refugees to become self-reliant and achieve a better quality of life.

    More on Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative (RSRI)
    Refugee Self-Reliance Initiative (RSRI)
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Leadership Development

    A global network for entrepreneurs committed to impact.

    More on Tendrel
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Inclusive Societies

    A global network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

    More on ANDE
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Impact Financing

    An initiative to engage sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, endowments and family offices to build a new business model for social finance.

    More on Bretton Woods II
    Bretton Woods II
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Impact Financing

    A group of investors, funders, and fieldbuilders committed to building a better financial ecosystem for small and growing businesses in frontier markets.

    More on Collaborative for Frontier Finance (CFF)
    Collaborative for Frontier Finance (CFF)
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Agriculture

    A learning lab fostering knowledge creation, sharing, and collaboration that leads to better financial solutions provided to more smallholder farmers and other rural clients.

    More on Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab
    Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Agriculture

    An organization that transforms the way farmers in developing countries receive agricultural advice using research and technology.

    More on Precision Development
    Precision Development
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Health

    A multi-sector coalition that drives the global strategy to increase access to eyeglasses at scale.

    More on EYElliance
  • Exited  /  Americas  /  Impact Financing

    A global collaborative for systems change, focused on improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

    More on Co-Impact
  • Exited  /  Global  /  Jobs & Livelihoods

    A multi-stakeholder initiative that addresses extreme poverty through the "Graduation Approach," a package of support that has been proven to sustainably increase income, assets, and resiliance.

    More on Partnership for Economic Inclusion
    Partnership for Economic Inclusion

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