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Global Digital Health Monitor (GDHM)

Digital health presents opportunities to save lives and improve health outcomes, but it can be challenging for governments to build solutions at scale. The Global Digital Health Monitor (GDHM) is an interactive web-based resource that aims to track, monitor, and assess the enabling environment for digital health throughout the world. The Monitor aims to empower health ministries, funders, policy makers, and industry players to make informed strategic decisions as they build sustainable digital health solutions at scale.


GDI’s role

From its work supporting HealthEnabled, GDI helped conceive, design and co-facilitate the development of the Global Digital Health Monitor with Dalberg’s Design Impact Group (DIG), ThoughtWorks, and representatives from 20+ countries and 50+ international agencies and organizations. The Monitor officially launched in May 2018 and GDI continues to provide strategic, project management, and communications support to refine and expand the platform.