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Precision Development

The spread of actionable and useful knowledge, ideas and information accelerates increases in human welfare and can be achieved at low cost, particularly in fields such as smallholder farming. Precision Agriculture for Development (PAD) was originally launched to support smallholder farmers in developing countries by providing customized information and services via mobile phone that increase productivity, profitability, and environmental sustainability. With early success, PAD expanded its mandate and mission as Precision Development (PxD), now focused more broadly on empowering people living in poverty to improve their livelihoods, mitigate risks, and advance environmental sustainability – and reaching more than 7 million people around the world with services and information.


GDI’s role

GDI helped PAD launch as a global startup built on a strong foundation. We supported various angles of incubation, including connecting the PAD team with the right agriculture and technology networks, creating an initial brand and web presence for PAD, and advising the initiative strategically. PAD exited GDI incubation with $9M in startup capital.