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Tropical forests are one of the most powerful tools to slow and ultimately halt climate change, storing up to 1/4 of all the aboveground carbon and representing 50% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Emergent is a non-profit that serves as a transaction platform between tropical forest countries and the private sector—creating a new marketplace in large-scale transactions of high-integrity carbon credits at the jurisdictional level.  With confirmed forest countries selling and corporations buying, Emergent is starting to trade large volumes of credits.


GDI’s role

GDI helped build out Emergent, with GDI leadership and staff taking on interim core team roles such as COO, CFO, Program Lead, and Communications Director. The structure enabled GDI to play both the strategist and implementer role at the early-stage of Emergent’s development, helping to set the strategy and build the organization and its processes to follow.