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Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity is addressing the challenge of poverty caused by isolation in rural farmlands by building trail bridges to connect people to essential services such as markets, schools, and health clinics. Building bridges show significant improvements, including a 30% increase in household income, 45% increase in investment in farm inputs, 59% increase in women entering the labor market, and 75% increase in farm profits. B2P has built over 300 bridges, but they cannot address the challenge on their own and need a broader coalition.


GDI’s role

GDI provided strategic support to build out the local implementation of this work in East Africa. Leveraging insights from other incubated initiatives with a learning network component (e.g., Global Opportunity Youth Network), GDI also helped develop the membership and governance structure of a learning coalition to share tools and approaches and build a community of practice for rural infrastructure.