GDI and its partners are often looking to hire for a variety of roles. See below for current opportunities within GDI and at initiatives throughout our portfolios. If you have an idea, initiative, or organization that you think could work well with GDI, please contact hello@globaldevincubator.org.


Job Title: Summer Intern (Unpaid Position)

Location: Washington, DC

Application Deadline: April 21, 2017. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Background: Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) is a social impact startup that aims to create an effective and resilient civil service in Africa, through a region-wide cadre of fellows who can inspire a new generation of civil service leadership. The vision for EPL is to have a network of 500+ fellows across Africa by 2021. EPL is building on the proven model of its flagship program, the President’s Young Professionals Program of Liberia (PYPP) to address the particular needs and priorities of each EPL country, while maintaining the core mission of training and cultivating future leaders in order to equip them with the necessary skills and mindset to make significant and meaningful contributions to the civil service.

EPL is being incubated by the Global Development Incubator which advances and scales social impact organizations.

Position Description: The Summer Intern role is a unique opportunity to work closely with EPL, a new social impact start-up devoted to capacity development in African countries. The Summer Intern will become familiar with EPL’s flagship program, the President’s Young Professionals Program of Liberia (www.pyppliberia.org), which is a 2-year leadership program that recruits and prepares high-performing Liberian college graduates for a future in public service. The Summer Intern will help provide strategic, operational, and research support in exploring the expansion of the PYPP model to other African countries. There may be additional opportunities to work on other EPL projects.



  • Problem-solve around strategic issues and provide input to strategy development
  • Support outreach, network-building, and business development efforts

Research + Writing

  • Track risks, issues, stakeholders, and potential funders in EPL expansion countries
  • Support the development and delivery of structured communications, especially reports and presentations
  • Support for the EPL Team
  • Participate in weekly portfolio reviews with the EPL leadership team
  • Support broader knowledge management and dissemination

Desired Qualifications + Qualities:

  • Full-time undergraduate with expected graduation in 2018 or 2019, or undergraduate degree required. International Relations, Political Science, Global Development, African Studies or related disciplines preferred
  • Demonstrated interest in global development, youth empowerment and/or capacity building
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Curious and organized
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a small team
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • A relentless drive to get things done
  • Fluency in French will be an advantage

Duration: Mid-May to mid-August, with some flexibility

How to Apply: Interested and qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and resume in one

PDF document to folorunso@emergingpublicleaders.org , with “Job Applicant: Summer Intern” as the subject line.


Job Title: Associate, Initiative for Smallholder Finance (ISF)

Location(s): New York, NY or Nairobi, Kenya preferred. Other locations considered on a case-by-case basis.

Background: The Initiative for Smallholder Finance (ISF) is a multi-donor and investor platform for the development of financial services for the smallholder farmer market. It was launched in May 2013 with the intention of making marked progress toward closing the gap between the $200 billion in smallholder financing demand and the current $50-60 billion supply in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. The ISF’s primary role is to act as a “design catalyst.” The emphasis is on mobilizing financing for smallholders and seeding replication of innovative models in new markets. ISF’s primary activities include: i) intermediation to design and create blended finance structures and partnerships in support of farmer financing; ii) facilitation of alliances among various sector actors in order to create collaborative platforms; and iii) research on the smallholder finance market.

ISF engagement is most useful in developing high potential, yet nascent financial structures, that lack either an “anchor” investor or funder or whose development sits between a set of organizations. In frontier markets, such as smallholder agricultural finance, organizations – regardless of size or orientation – frequently lack the capacity, dedicated resources, or relative incentive to focus on the development of these activities. Until there is a refined business concept, an engaged set of investors, local partners interested in moving forward, and market actors cannot engage in new financial structures or platforms. ISF activities can help shape these opportunities, bringing them to the point at which the principals involved, and the supporting cast frequently engaged in such transactions, have the incentive to execute the investment. For more information on the ISF please refer to the ISF website.

The ISF team is a small but dynamic group of individuals with backgrounds in strategy consulting, investment banking, impact investing, and rural economic development. The ISF is currently hosted by the Global Development Incubator (GDI), a non-profit, public charity designed to support innovative organizations and initiatives that have the opportunity to create large-scale social change. At the end of 2017, the ISF plans to spin out of the incubator to become a stand-alone advisory services organization specializing in blended finance and partnership facilitation for rural transformation.

Position Description: The ISF Associate role is a unique opportunity to work closely with financial sector innovators, agriculture supply chain executives, and social entrepreneurs who are addressing a critical challenge: advancing the financial inclusion agenda for the 450 million smallholder farmers and related agro-enterprises around the world.

As the ISF deepens its work with organizations across the world that are structuring capital and designing products for smallholder farmers there is a need for a self-motivated Associate to take a strong lead on market research, financial analysis, project management, and business development in support of the ISF’s growing strategic development. In a single day, you will be a researcher, analyst, strategist, program manager, and implementer, supporting projects that range from multi-million dollar funds to individual products. A new ISF Associate will report to the Director of Investments and support the Portfolio Managers with project development and discrete industry research that aims to distill knowledge, build alliances, and align public and private investment to help move the sector forward.


  • Work with the ISF team and external partners to implement innovative financial structures and complex partnerships to advance ISF’s impact objectives
  • Conduct complex financial, market, and stakeholder analyses while problem-solving around specific issues
  • Support the ISF team in facilitation of multi-stakeholder relationships through workshops, working groups, and bi-lateral conversations with partner organizations
  • Support outreach, network-building, and business development efforts
  • Manage overall work plan, including tasks and milestones
  • Travel as needed to support implementation

Desired qualifications: We are looking for candidates with a mix of entrepreneurial, financial, and analytical experience, including professional experience in finance, strategy consulting, or an equivalent type of role. Specific qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, international affairs, public administration/policy, or other relevant field with excellent academic record
  • Minimum 2-3 years of professional experience in finance, strategy consulting, or comparable experience working in a client-facing team environment involving deep analytical approaches
  • Familiarity with innovative finance for development and common development finance tools (e.g., risk guarantees, concessional lending, blended finance, etc.)
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills applied towards understanding and interpreting business operations, management capabilities, and practices as they relate to market financial requirements
  • Experience in complex multi-stakeholder facilitation through workshops, working groups, and relationship management
  • Passion for application of innovative financial structures and complex partnerships towards inclusive markets for rural populations
  • Demonstrated experience getting things done independently under ambiguous circumstances, particularly in developing countries
  • Exceptional communication skills and ability to present information in an insightful and structured manner, both written and oral
  • Professionalism and demonstrated experience working with senior officials in the public and/ or private sector

If you are interested and meet the qualifications, please send your cover letter and resume in one PDF document to jobs@globaldevincubator.org using “Job Applicant: ISF Associate” as the subject line.

Portfolio: Impact Escalated Portfolio

Job Title: Senior Associate

Location(s): New York, NY; other locations considered on a case-by-case basis

Background: The Global Development Incubator (GDI) was created to advance and scale social impact. We do this by creating and expanding select ideas, organizations, and initiatives that address urgent global problems. GDI provides structured pathways over 2-3 years to support the achievement of critical step-changes necessary for ideas and organizations to move to the next level.

GDI goes beyond traditional consulting models, capacity builders, and bureaucratic platforms to do hands-on implementation in addition to strategic and networking support. We take the initiative to address real-world barriers to growth, offer a critical and independent perspective, and partner with innovators to deliver social impact at scale. GDI typically focuses on three phases of work, including 1) design and strategic direction setting 2) pilot and launch and 3) medium – long term implementation support and capacity development through to exit.

Impact Escalated Portfolio Overview: The portfolio focuses on creating scaled solutions across various sectors such as impact investing, livelihoods and social protection, financial inclusion, youth employment and education, SME and social enterprise networks, corporate and INGO innovation, and energy and the environment.

The Impact Escalated portfolio drives towards scaled impact from both a top down and bottom up approach:

1) Top down initiatives bring a multi-sector lens involving three areas:

  • Aggregating commercial and philanthropic capital in different structures to scale impact, such as commercial fund structures, financial platforms, blended finance funds, donor collaboratives, and multi-donor trust funds
  • Developing multi-stakeholder initiatives to organize efforts that create impact at scale, including groups such as corporates, investors, civil society, entrepreneurs, governments, bi-lateral organizations, and multi-lateral organizations
  • Leveraging existing assets, infrastructure, and strengths of organizations such as INGOs and corporates to support innovations, social enterprises, and small and medium businesses

2) Bottom up strategic and implementation support for innovations, social enterprises, and small and medium businesses to build capacity, scale their impact, drive towards sustainability and facilitate partnerships. This includes:

  • Developing growth strategies and endgames to help organizations scale from a critical inflection point (see “What’s Your End-game?” for further detail on our approach)
  • Supporting with flexible capacity in all organizations areas ranging from operations and program management to legal and communications advisory

Approach: GDI believes that private sector actors, INGOs, foundations and multi-laterals have the potential to reinvent how we think about profit. Entrepreneurs at all levels have demonstrated an appetite for incorporating social impact into their operations, but often lack the know-how to take an idea to action. Regardless of whether the entrepreneur is a small business, social enterprise, or intrapreneur, we work with our partners to find new ways of doing business that are financially and socially sound. Through a flexible and holistic model, we help partners seek out creative financing opportunities and work hand-in-hand to develop and implement strategies with sustainable social and environmental impact.

Position Description: The Associate role is a unique opportunity to work closely with social leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are addressing some of the world’s biggest problems. In a single day, you will be a researcher, analyst, strategist, program manager, and implementer. As the engine of GDI’s programs across focus areas, you will conduct extensive research and analysis to support strategy development; participate in senior-level meetings with experts and partners; manage work plans, workflows, and budgets; and make sure all efforts are implemented for results. Although you will work closely with your manager, GDI Associates are expected to exercise a high degree of autonomy and take on significant responsibility.


Strategy and analysis

  • Apply mix of strategy consulting toolkit, operational realities, and development ambitions to problem-solve around sustainable and scaled impact
  • Identify core value proposition of innovations, interventions, and platforms
  • Develop recommendations on critical partnerships, role of stakeholders, and pathways to scale impact
  • Conduct complex financial, competitor, market, and policy analyses
  • Develop compelling Theory of Change, “Endgame” pitch deck and business plan materials, including team, governance, budget, growth and impact evaluation metrics, and KPIs

Client and Donor Engagement

  • Support the development and delivery of structured verbal and written communications
    • Develop high quality reports, presentations and proposals
    • Participate in and support expert interviews
    • Support and facilitate high stakes meetings, including travel to support workshops/implementation
  • Support outreach, network-building, and business development efforts
  • Collect, organize, and prepare program/ financial information for donors and management reports

Project Management and Operations

  • Manage overall work plan, including tasks and milestones
  • Track risks, issues, budget, stakeholders, and potential funders
  • Coordinate support from other teams within GDI, such as the Communications and Finance/Admin teams

Thought Leadership and Support for the GDI Team

  • Suggest and support thought leadership development
  • Participate in GDI wide brainstorming sessions
  • Contribute to the refinement of incubation methodologies based on your hands-on experiences
  • Support broader knowledge management and dissemination

Desired qualifications: We are looking for candidates with a mix of entrepreneurial, strategic, and operational experience, including 1-3 years of professional experience in management consulting, finance, or social impact organizations; and/or demonstrated experience supporting management, operations, or implementation.

The following qualities are a must for GDI employees:

  • Curious and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Razor-sharp problem solving skills
  • A relentless drive to get things done
  • Ability to move fluidly between collaborative and independent work styles
  • Ability to make assessments quickly and identify the best course of action
  • Commitment to thinking critically and creatively about social change

If you are interested and meet the qualifications, please send your cover letter and resume in one PDF document to jobs@globaldevincubator.org using “Job Applicant: GDI Associate” as the subject line.

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