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The GDI-incubated Global Digital Health Monitor (GDHM) announces inaugural State of Digital Health report

The Global Digital Health Monitor (GDHM), formerly titled Global Digital Health Index (GDHI), released its inaugural State of Digital Health report, which provides the first-ever snapshot of digital health ecosystems throughout the world and lays the foundation for better informed and more coordinated investments in digital health. The GDHM, which officially launched in 2018, was designed by GDI, HealthEnabled, Dalberg’s Design Impact Group (DIG), ThoughtWorks, and representatives from country governments and agencies.

Key findings from the new report include:

  • Overall, most countries are at average digital health maturity
  • Countries throughout the world lack national digital health architectures, health information exchanges, and data standards, which can slow progress in the digital health field
  • Countries in Africa lag behind global averages, indicating a need for a particular focus on investment in that region

This inaugural report serves as a call to action to governments and health practitioners worldwide, urging them to commit to improving the data on existing digital health ecosystems, which will in turn provide clear paths for improving them. GDI is proud to be part of the GDHI team, committed to expanding access to digital health data and, in turn, improving health systems worldwide. Countries looking to learn more about their digital health maturity, how it compares to other countries, and how they can improve it are encouraged to reach out to to contribute data.