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GDI’s multistakeholder study featured by the Intersector Project

As an organization that tries to push the boundaries of global development and create system-wide change, it’s always gratifying to see the continued impact of our work. This week, we’re pleased to see our 2015 study “More than the Sum of Its Parts: Making Multistakeholder Initiatives Work” featured in the Intersector Project’s Resource Library for Cross-sector Collaboration. The Intersector Project is a non-profit organization that creates free, publicly available resources to help practitioners in the government, business, and non-profit sectors implement cross-sector initiatives.

We’re excited that “More than the Sum of its Parts” continues to resonate with practitioners and funders throughout the global development field, and honored to be among such great company. Check out the Intersector Project’s full list of Ten Notable Resources for Identifying When and How to Collaborate.