A multi-donor initiative to accelerate the integration of life-saving digital health interventions in national systems


To modernize national health systems with life-saving digital health tools and to ensure the maximum use of evidence-based information technologies


By partnering with governments to shape and operationalize their digital health strategies and aggregate global data to evaluate the state of digital health worldwide

GDI's Role

In collaboration with founding partners, GDI designed, built, and launched HealthEnabled as an independent non-profit with headquarters in South Africa. GDI helped the development of the organizational and business strategy, and is supporting HealthEnabled to build its independent operations. GDI continues to be key partner for HealthEnabled's operational, strategic, and communication pillars, and helped shape key initiatives such as concept of the Global Digital Health Index. GDI is also working with HealthEnabled to develop its board and executive leadership for long-term sustainability of the organization.

Key People

Patricia MechealPrincipal and Policy Lead, HealthEnabledPeter BenjaminSouth Africa Country Director, HealthEnabledMoitreyee SinhaAssociate Director, GDI

Focus Area

Beyond Health