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GDI on partnerships in Stanford Social Innovation Review

July 13, 2016   Darin Kingston, Andrew Stern, & Joanne Ke Edelman

“The number of multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) in the social impact space has increased dramatically over the past few decades, beginning in the 70s with the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research, followed by a considerable uptick in the 90s. Known by many names—including coalitions, public-private partnerships, and alliances—these types of organizations naturally appeal to those seeking transformative change. They offer a powerful model to solve increasingly complex global development problems, particularly because they bring together stakeholders across sectors, influence ecosystems, and create impact at meaningful scale.”

Building on our report “More than the Sum of Its Parts: Making MSIs Work,” GDI urges funders and founders to remember the question of “whether” is just as important as “how” when thinking about launching a multi-stakeholder initiative for social impact.