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Celebrate World Wildlife Day with underwater VR films from our friends at The Hydrous

The 2019 World Wildlife Day, celebrated last Sunday, had an ocean-focused theme: “Life below water: for people and planet.” Closely aligning with SDG 14, this theme aimed “to raise awareness about the breathtaking diversity of marine life, the crucial importance of marine species to human development, and how we can make sure it will continue to provide these services for future generations.”

GDI is no stranger to the urgency behind spreading awareness and educating the public about the importance of our oceans. The Hydrous is an international community of scientists, divers, designers, filmmakers, technologists, educators, and concerned citizens who love the ocean and want to share it to protect it. They use frontier technologies, like virtual reality (VR) to bring the ocean to you – however many miles from the ocean you may be.

Their new VR film, IMMERSE: A Journey of Science, Love and Magic in the Ocean, is set to premiere on Sunday, March 10 at the International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco. If you can’t make it to California for the world premiere, the Hydrous is heading to Washington, D.C. on April 23 to screen their VR exploration at the National Geographic headquarters. Tickets for that event are available here.

Learn more about The Hydrous and their work to create “open access oceans” here >>