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A GDI Case Study: Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI)

How does GDI design and build social impact startups?

It’s not an easy question to tackle, but we hope this new case study on the Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI) will help provide some insight.

PEI and its NGO partners are dedicated to driving economic inclusion for the extreme poor through developing scalable systems-change strategies that empower governments and other local stakeholders.

GDI provided strategic and project management support to PEI, such as advising NGO leaders and governments on how to adopt the graduation approach: a sequenced set of interventions to help vulnerable households move out of extreme poverty within a specified period.

PEI graduated from GDI’s incubation in 2018, and is now hosted at the World Bank’s Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice. PEI manages a global community of practice consisting of hundreds of partners including NGOs, researchers, and foundations focused on eradicating extreme poverty for over 700 million people around the world.

To learn more about how we incubated PEI and what we’ve learned from the process, read the full case study here >> 

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