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A GDI Case Study: HealthEnabled

How does GDI design and build social impact startups?

It’s not an easy question to tackle, but we hope this new case study on HealthEnabled will help provide some answers.

Starting with interest from the mHealth Alliance executive director, Patty Mechael, GDI assessed and validated the need for a new organization that could work with countries to develop and operationalize digital health strategies and cultivate a supportive enabling environment for the effective use of digital health solutions.

GDI co-created HealthEnabled’s initial strategy with four key pillars, including raising the bar for digital health through a global index to guide and encourage all countries to mature, which led to the creation of the Global Digital Health Index (GDHI). Additionally, GDI helped develop and refine a business plan and worked with Emergence Creative to strengthen HealthEnabled’s messaging and positioning among decision-makers.

HealthEnabled graduated from GDI’s incubation in early 2018 and now stands on its own as an Africa-based not-for profit that helps governments integrate proven life-saving digital health interventions into their health systems.

To learn more about our partners along the way and understand what we’ve learned from both successes and challenges in building HealthEnabled, read the full case study here >>

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