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Suvranil Majumdar

South Asia
Managing Director - GDI South Asia

Suvranil is the GDI South Asia Managing Director. Before joining GDI, Suvranil worked at the World Bank Group for 13+ years where he led several climate smart development projects across transport/water/agribusiness sectors in India, SE Asia, Africa and Latin America. During these engagements, he worked with governments, corporations, investors, think tanks and academia on creating the enabling environment for sustainable development through public private partnerships.

He was one of the founding members of 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) and led the design, development and implementation of the Eco Cities Platform at IFC. Suvranil co-founded the Climate Circle incubator at Harvard Innovation Labs where he is supporting 40+ startups working on clean energy, mobility, circular economy, carbon offsets, ESG.

Suvranil has also worked in the technology sector for 6 years managing clients in the banking and financial services space in US, Europe, Middle East and East Asia. Suvranil holds a Master’s in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School.