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Visa, Dalberg, and GDI release new report, “Small Merchants, Big Opportunity”

Small Merchants Big Opportunity“Small Merchants, Big Opportunity: The Forgotten Path to Financial Inclusion” – a new report commissioned by Visa and authored by Dalberg and the Global Development Incubator – explores how micro and small merchants represent both a path to financial inclusion, as well as a huge commercial opportunity for financial service providers.

Drawing on conversations with over 400 merchants and 75 key financial stakeholders, the report concludes that existing digital payment platforms must improve their offerings, and new digital payment products addressing the specific needs of micro and small merchants (e.g., speed, interoperability) must be brought to scale. Financial regulators, governments, and businesses can introduce and support policies that reduce barriers and facilitate this cashless ecosystem, as well as promote cashless transactions by using digital payment systems in their interactions with merchants and customers.

> Read the full report here or check out the infographic below.

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