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Kenya Social Economic Inclusion Project (KSEIP)

Kenya Social Economic Inclusion Project (KSEIP) is an inter-generational-focused initiative with a specific emphasis on disadvantaged groups in society including women and persons with disabilities. It is a transformative endeavor to alleviate poverty and bolster economic prospects for thousands of vulnerable Kenyan households, financed through contributions from both the World Bank and the Government of Kenya, championed by GDI.

GDI’s role

GDI has played a central and pioneering role in catalyzing multi-stakeholder initiatives towards eradicating extreme poverty, prominently represented by KSEIP. By spearheading context-specific innovations in graduation programming, GDI has successfully coordinated the pooling of essential expertise, working closely with implementing organizations to co-design and tailor interventions to meet the unique needs of the programme’s initial cohort of 37,500 direct beneficiaries.