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Emerging Public Leaders

Africa’s development and economic growth – and the success of any social impact interventions with a government adoption endgame – requires a strong civil service. Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) is driving Africa’s development by creating a new generation of public servants committed to social impact. EPL is a fellowship program that recruits Africa’s most promising future leaders into meaningful civil service positions through a highly-selective, two-year placements, now in Liberia, Ghana and Kenya.


GDI’s role

Building off of GDI’s initial support to EPL’s precursor program, the President’s Young Professionals Program in Liberia, GDI helped to conceive and design a model for replication in other countries. We coordinated with local partners and governments to replicate and scale the EPL model, acting as interim CEO, COO, Communications and Program Leads, as well as the initial fiduciary organization. GDI set up the initial EPL organization and helped to recruit the initial Executive Director and Board members.