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Urban Graduation Approach to Uplift Poor Households in Transitional Housing

This project is a five-year Trust-initiated Project (created and funded by HKJC Charities Trust) that implements the Urban Graduation Approach (UGA) as a targeted, multitudinous and time-bound poverty alleviation intervention to empower and lift poor households living in transitional housing out of poverty.

The Project enhances employability, builds family capacity and financial literacy for 4,200 underprivileged households. It also seeks to improve the well-being and expand social support networks for 14,450 families in 25 transitional housing sites across 11 districts. By addressing the multidimensional nature of poverty, the UGA demonstrates potential for replication in other local and overseas housing settings, and mainstreaming as a standalone wraparound employment support service through pioneering an innovative pay for success empowering employment service model.

GDI’s role

GDI is an incubation partner to the Project. The Urban Graduation Approach is designed by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The Trust also created and funded the Project.

In the Project’s design phase, GDI advised the Trust on localising the Graduation Approach to the Hong Kong context and on creating a robust impact evaluation design. During the current implementation phase, GDI supports multi-stakeholder collaboration as the program secretariat, and facilitates the programme’s adaptive design group in agile and data-driven model improvement.