A platform for social entrepreneurs to connect, exchange, and change the social impact paradigm


To network, learn from one another, and advocate for social entrepreneurs around the world


By establishing a localized professional association built on trust, consistent engagement, and openness

GDI's Role

GDI incubates Tendrel as it develops into a multi-stakeholder initiative, and fosters its evolution from an idea to a standalone non-profit organization that acts as a professional home for social entrepreneurs. GDI supports the strategic direction, organizational development, governance, fundraising, partnerships and branding of Tendrel, and empowers this organization to launch from a solid foundation.

Key People

Rodrigo Baggio CEO, Tendrel Valeria Merino Senior Manager of Community Engagement, Skoll Foundation Alice Gugelev Director, GDI Andrew Stern Founder and Executive Director, GDI

Focus Area

Impact Escalated