Project Open Source


An initiative to bring cutting edge digital technology to support distributed systems for clean water and other basic amenities


To enable water operators to increase the reach of their operations through networked platforms and promote the creation of an open source platform that can be adapted for other retail services


By developing a scalable networked IT platform, designed to improve the reach and management of water kiosk operators

GDI's Role

GDI incubates Project Open Source, a multi-stakeholder initiative linking private water operators with information technology organizations and individuals. Project Open Source is creating a point of sale software designed to expand the reach and scale of clean water provision and other development projects. GDI supports the strategic direction, fundraising, partnership development and governance of this early stage initiative."

Key People

Jim ChuCEO, dloHaitiMoitreyee SinhaAssociate Director, GDI

Focus Area

Beyond Health