A 2-year leadership program that recruits and prepares high-performing Liberian college graduates for a future in public service


To establish a meritocratic pathway to civil service for promising Liberian youth, and increase public sector capacity for efficient service delivery and overall good governance


This cost-effective and replicable fellowship program recruits young professionals through a rigorous and transparent process. Selected individuals are placed in key government roles, paired with mentors and have the opportunity to participate in a monthly professional training program.

GDI's Role

GDI provides strategic, operational, and fiduciary support as PYPP transitions from a program managed by a US-based NGO to an independent Liberian entity in a public-private partnership with the Government of Liberia. GDI is also incubating Emerging Public Leaders, which will expand the PYPP model throughout Africa.

Key People

Hh ZaizayExecutive Director, PYPP Betsy WilliamsFounder and International Advisory Board Chair, PYPP Darin KingstonAssociate Director, GDI

Focus Area

Development Frontiers