An intelligent platform that provides farmers with individualized agricultural recommendations through their mobile phones


Low-cost agricultural technologies have the potential to improve the livelihoods for one hundred million smallholder farmers by advancing farm productivity and increasing profits


By using environmental monitoring, weather forecasting, satellite imagery, remote sensing, and machine learning to make personalized recommendations that improve production and increase profit for farmers

GDI's Role

GDI is helping Precision Agriculture for Development launch as a global startup built on a strong foundation. We are supporting various angles of incubation, including connecting the PAD team with the right agriculture and technology networks, creating an initial brand and web presence for PAD, and advising the initiative strategically.

Key People

Michael KremerProfessor, Harvard University and Senior Fellow, Brookings InstitutionShawn ColeProfessor, Harvard Business SchoolHeiner BaumannDirector of Global Programs, Barr FoundationTom CarrollDirector, GDI

Focus Area