The Platform for Economic Inclusion (formerly CGAP) plays a central platform role for the community of practice implementing and working on Graduation approaches


To support the scaling of the Graduation approach - a series of five interventions that are sequenced and delivered in a time bound manner to “graduate” people living in extreme poverty to more sustainable livelihoods


Through an adaptable, lean, and inclusive platform that will serve the Graduation community of practice and help scale the approach

GDI's Role

GDI developed a pathway forward for the platform of the community of practice to ensure the momentum of Graduation is leveraged. This pathway was informed by interviews with stakeholders in the community of practice and a series of workshops with CGAP and the World Bank. The strategy includes a recommended governance structure, high-level work plan and budget, and a funding landscape.

Key People

Alice GugelevDirector, GDI

Focus Area

Impact Escalated