Global SDG Partnership


A multi-stakeholder mechanism designed to catalyze commitments between governments and private initiatives at country and global levels


To ensure the 2015- 2030 Sustainable Development goals achieve their desired impact


Through proposed Country Mutual Accountability Mechanisms, which include commitment-based initiatives, a robust open-source data platform, citizen accountability, and an independent peer review system

GDI's Role

GDI provided cutting-edge thought leadership and undertook strategic advocacy to make the case for a Global Partnership for Sustainable Development as a mechanism to ensure mutual accountability. Our foundational work with Paul Zeitz on this issue laid the groundwork for the newly forming Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, a global network of governments, NGOs, and businesses working together to strengthen the inclusivity, trust, and innovation in the way that data is used to address the world’s sustainable development efforts.

Key People

Paul ZeitzDirector, Data Revolution for Sustainable Development Team, U.S. Department of StateAndrew SternFounder and Executive Director, GDI

Focus Area

Development Frontiers