Technical assistance for FHI360's Catalyst Fund grantees - an internal fund that seeds employees to explore and build ideas


Too often the ideas that are generated through field work are lost due to a lack of infrastructure to build and test them. This fund provides a cost-effective way to test ideas that have the potential to change the critical development interventions


By supporting high-potential grantees in the Catalyst portfolio to refine, build, and test their ideas through capacity and product planning, business planning, piloting, and business development

GDI's Role

GDI is working with selected grantees to  take ideas to the next level through a series of working sessions and tailored support. The program draws upon a number of approaches to meet grantees in their current phase of development including an organizational diagnostic, endgame thinking, human centered design for prototyping and piloting, and best practices in pitching.

Key People

Alice Gugelev Director, GDI

Focus Area

Impact Escalated