A ground-breaking Kenya-based non-profit that improves the health outcomes of people through innovative training programs, new social enterprises, and public-private partnerships to close the gaps in delivery and service


To eliminate preventable deaths by equipping frontline workers at health facilities with essential knowledge and equipment


By deploying proven facility-and community-based interventions and combining local leadership with global best practices to incubate social enterprises, build a trained workforce, and develop public policies to address critical areas of need through technology and training

GDI's Role

GDI and CPHD are working together to create a business plan that increases social impact and builds financial stability. We recognize the need for broader collective action and public-private partnerships in key areas such as medical oxygen for children and repair and service models in resource poor settings. GDI is working with the teams at CPHD and other partners on pathways to scale CPHD's innovative solutions to these critical and urgent problems.

Key People

Bernard OlayoFounder and Executive Chair, CPHDAlice GugelevDirector, GDIMoitreyee SinhaAssociate Director, GDI

Focus Area

Beyond Health