Aims to channel 1% of the world’s $25 trillion in long-term sovereign investments into investments that support global development, social impact, and good governance.


The achievement of the SDGs will require mobilizing capital far beyond what is available through traditional development assistance and philanthropy.


BWII is reframing the value proposition around impact investing by demonstrating that properly targeted investments not only generate competitive risk-adjusted returns, but also reduce broader exposure to long-term risks and volatility.

GDI's Role

GDI is partnering with BWII to help refine and build out its formal structures and strategy, including the development of an independent rating group that will rate deals, companies, and projects with an ESG rating, much like S&P, Moody’s, or Fitch does for financial ratings.

Key People

Alice Gugelev Director, GDI
Tomicah Tillerman, Bretton Woods II Director

Focus Area

Impact Escalated