Strategy & Build, Manager or Senior Manager – GDI East Asia

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Location Hong Kong SAR or Shenzhen
Posted 1/13/2023
Round 1 application deadline February 10, 2023
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About our work:

We design and build initiatives to create impact at scale in Hong Kong and mainland China (and exploring regional opportunities across Asia). We focus on issues such as mental health, education, poverty alleviation, disability inclusion, rural public health and the aging population.

Our team develops strategy, manages programs and builds initiatives with our partners. We are trusted by leading foundations, nonprofit organizations, governments, and corporates.

A typical project with a funder could be to develop their philanthropic investment strategy for an issue area (e.g. how should we spend ~1bn HKD in the next 5 years to maximize our impact in mental health?), and deep-diving into 1-2 big opportunities to design a program for launch. Or it could be a long term partnership to support the organizational transformation of a leading NGO, and co-creating their next flagship program to accelerate their impact growth rate by 5-10x. Our partnerships generally last more than a year, focusing on getting to impact on the ground in the long run.

Who we are looking for:

  • Self aware, people developers. Leaders in GDI know their strengths and weaknesses, demonstrate empathy, and enjoy bringing out the potential of individuals and teams;
  • Strategic thinkers and doers. Unlike many business problems, the social problems we tackle have not yet been solved, requiring greater strategic depth, agility, and action-orientation for trial & error;
  • Drive to learn and grow. GDI team members are highly self-motivated, constantly pushing ourselves to achieve better quality for bigger impact;
  • Local cultural understanding and language. We believe in local leadership and look for those with full working proficiency in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Your role as a Manager / Senior Manager:

  • Guided by GDI leadership, lead and manage long-term initiatives with partners in strategy development, program management and implementation to achieve social impact at scale;
  • Cultivate partnerships with executives at leading foundations, corporates, and nonprofits;
  • Collaborate with GDI leadership to coach and develop Associates/Senior Associates;
  • People successful in the role typically have 7-10 years professional experience in private sector (strategy consulting, in-house strategy development / general management) and/or social sector (leading foundation or NGO doing strategy development, grantmaking or program management).

Why join GDI:

  • Culture: genuine friendships, no politics – direct and candid, where the best ideas win (regardless of seniority);
  • Impact: design and build initiatives that aim to address unsolved and unmet social issues, impacting thousands, and in outstanding cases, millions;
  • Growth: work with top leaders of well known foundations and NGOs, receive regular coaching on projects, and work with a team that will challenge and support you to develop;
  • Compensation: top-tier for social sector NGOs and comparable to leading foundations / private sector professional services firms (commensurate to experience level).

How to apply:

  • Please send your cover letter and resume (English and Chinese in one PDF document) to
  • Round 1 applications close February 10th but applications are processed on a rolling basis, so it is beneficial to apply early.

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