Senior Data & Impact Manager – GDI Kenya

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Location Nairobi, Kenya
Posted 12/2/2022
Deadline to apply January 30, 2023
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Company Description

The Global Development Incubator (GDI) is a non-profit entity legally registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act of Kenya. GDI Africa has a global partnership with the GDI USA-incorporated entity that is registered as a 501c3 non-profit and GDI Asia located in Hong Kong. GDI Africa’s principal area of operation is in Kenya, with several ongoing initiatives across Africa including Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Liberia and Uganda. The GDI Mission is to bring together ideas, leaders and capital to build and scale the next generation of social solutions. Scaled impact is achieved through two pathways: i) a set of top-down initiatives involving multiple stakeholders and/or sectors, and ii) bottom-up engagements with individual enterprises. The GDI ‘Growth Engineering’ process is used to execute across the two impact pathways, adapting as needed or focusing on sub-components of the process to best suit a given engagement. 

Job Description

Start Date: January 2, 2023

Duration: 12 months

About the Assignment: GDI has developed an idea around the Shared Services Platform to localize development with the first pilot of this initiative running in Africa. The objective of The Shared Services Platform is to explore opportunities to shift global funding to domestically registered organizations. GDI has set up an ambitious question – what would it take to increase the percentage of global funding going to local organizations from less than 10% of funding to more than 50% by 2030? As part of the Shared Services Platform, we hope to support over 200 local NGOs in 10 African Markets, starting with an 18 months pilot phase in Kenya & Tanzania. Learnings carried out from the pilot phase, will be instrumental in the development and fundraising for the Shared Service Platform. 

About the Role: The GDI Senior Data & Impact Manager is a key member of the Data, Insights and Impact team, effectively contributing to its success, and evaluating impact measures for NGOs and funders

Illustrative Responsibilities

  • Set up all SSP data collection, storage, distribution, analysis, and reporting structures for all SSPs in all markets
  • Design and build an impact evaluation criterion to guide the evaluation of local NGOs.
  • Audit all NGOs to understand their level of compliance – impact methodology, data collection, storage, distribution, reporting, evaluation practices
  • Review local NGO’s data & Impact policies
  • Create a gap analysis and recommendation framework for the audited NGOs.
  • In collaboration with local NGO teams, create a work plan focused on areas of improvement – timelines, action plans, ownership, desired outcome etc.
  • Create an Improvement plan that must be adopted by the CEO/Executive Director of the NGO
  • In collaboration with the local NGOs, help build out the Data, Insights, Impact strategy
  • Play a collaborative role with the SSP leadership in enhancing donor/funder reporting.
  • Review progress made on areas of improvement every 6 months.
  • Document all reviews and measure the progress and commitment of the local NGO


Desired Qualifications and Experience

  • University degree in data science, statistics, econometrics, or applied mathematics required. A postgraduate qualification is desirable.
  • Five years in a similar position and/or in a related role
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, STATA, Python and other languages preferred
  • In-depth knowledge of analysis and data science and ability to work with large data files
  • Knowledge of causal graphical models
  • Professional or research experience in social impact and development sector

Personal attributes:

  • Attention to detail, analytical, multitasker, organized, solution-oriented, flexible, and able to prioritize, strong and versatile communicator.
  • Demonstrate a keen interest in GDI’s work and possess the following qualities: Curious and entrepreneurial mindset; Razor-sharp problem-solving skills; A relentless drive to get things done; Ability to move fluidly between collaborative and independent work styles; Ability to make assessments quickly and identify the best course of action; Commitment to thinking critically and creatively about social change

Additional Information

Submission Guidelines:

Interested candidates who meet the desired qualification are encouraged to submit their Cover Letter and CV by December 9, 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Global Development Incubator is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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