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Location Washington, D.C. - Remote
Posted August 10, 2021
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About Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP)

LaMP’s vision is a world in which the global poor have exponentially greater opportunity for economic advancement. To get there, our goal is to dramatically increase the scale and quality of labor mobility programs globally.

LaMP is a field-builder developing large-scale, long-term solutions for workers to access quality jobs across borders. Our mission is to catalyze a functional ecosystem of actors implementing safe and reliable mobility pathways, creating value for workers, employers, and economies along the way.

Some global context: OECD countries are rapidly aging, facing a gap of 383 million workers by 2050 to maintain their current economic structure. Meanwhile, workers in developing countries need jobs, and those who manage to secure work in OECD countries can expect to increase their income by 6 to 15 times. Improving labor mobility systems globally will benefit all actors involved — for the worker who gains quality employment and dramatically improves their income, for the receiving country which receives needed workers, and for the sending country which receives remittances and needed employment opportunities.

LaMP is a dynamic start-up that, over the next year, will focus on delivering proof of concept, providing technical assistance and developing necessary tools, developing right-sized evidence for policy influence, and building a global coalition of multi-sector actors committed to scaling quality labor mobility.

Job Description

LaMP is looking to add a key supporting member to its small-but-mighty “proof of concept” team, to help identify, shape, and deliver on opportunities to demonstrate the power of quality labor mobility at scale. This is an opportunity to take on a significant degree of responsibility in a rapidly growing and adapting organization with audacious goals. Candidates must be able to proactively self-manage his/her spheres, while working fluidly with the rest of the team.

Core responsibilities include: 

  • Support opportunity analysis and scoping, both externally (via market data for example) and internally (via other colleagues), to identify the highest-potential opportunities to influence or deliver a quality, scaled labor mobility program with relevant governments and/or employer representatives in the European Union, the US, East Asia, and other “receiving” geographies
  • Develop the relationships and products (concept notes, proposals, etc) necessary to pursue these opportunities
  • Rapidly self-educate on new sectors, geographies, etc in order to credibly build relationships and shape opportunities based on context-relevant perspective and knowledge
  • Drive research, analysis, and knowledge-transfer in service of disseminating new learning throughout the organization as relevant
  • Support identification and pursuit of leads for external project funding, where needed
  • Once project is live, support successful project management and delivery, coordinating other resources as necessary (e.g. procuring and managing external consultants)
  • Collaborate closely with Policy, Advocacy, & Outreach lead to extract learning and insights and repackage for purposes of policy influence and knowledge dissemination


  • 3+ years relevant experience, including hypothesis-driven research and analysis to inform recommendations and business decisions
  • Experience developing solid grounding in multiple new subject matters in a short period of time, such as experience in strategy consulting or a similar field
  • Strong quantitative skills and experience with financial modeling and/or econometrics leveraging statistical analysis tools (Excel, STATA, other)
  • Spanish language skills preferred; French and Arabic also highly desirable
  • Demonstrated examples of being an entrepreneurial self-starter and identifying creative but pragmatic solutions to sticky problems
  • Ability to advance projects with hands-off supervision while being accountable for the quality of outputs
  • Demonstrated professional interest and commitment to creating economic opportunity for marginalized individuals and communities globally
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, including the ability to present complex information in clear, synthesized formats

Our team recognizes that the impact we are able to achieve is fundamentally tied to the values which influence how we conduct ourselves as an organization. Because of this, the successful candidate will also demonstrate LaMP’s core values: (1) relentless and urgent pursuit of impact; (2) integrity and excellence in the details; (3) individual responsibility and ownership in all matters; (4) solution-oriented when identifying problems; and (5) deep respect, both towards our partners and stakeholders and within the team.

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