A comprehensive platform to address the global mental health gap at scale by challenging global cities to create and nurture collaborations that cut across formal and informal sectors, and to accelerate the most innovative global solutions.


To close the mental health gap, one of the world’s most devastating and under-resourced problems that affects people far beyond the narrow boundaries of health care.


By engaging 30 cities by 2030, mobilizing and channelling support to exceptional city projects that address mental health by providing resources, recognition, and technical assistance for outstanding initiatives in three target areas.

GDI’s Role

GDI is incubating mhNOW, serving as the neutral broker to bring the strengths of diverse organizations towards a shared goal. Incubation includes support with program design, landscape analysis, strategy and organizational development, stakeholder engagement, communications and branding, and partnership building.

Key People

Chris Underhill Founder and President, Basic NeedsMoitreyee SinhaDirector, GDI

Focus Area

Beyond Health